Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trashing the Tea Party Movement by Trashing the American Revolution

History News Network: The British, arrogantly refusing to learn anything from the Stamp Act upheaval, imposed new taxes in 1767. Crain says the merchants who persuaded the masses to protest once more and called for “non-importation” agreements to retaliate against the British were motivated by a glut of goods. Cutting off imports enabled them to sell off their surplus without reducing their profits. They called on another agitator, William Molineux, to smash windows and smear feces and urine on the homes of customs agents and merchants who did not cooperate.

The people were Bi but became Ro protestors as resources became scarce under taxation, as happened in the french Revolution. Sending Y soldiers to crush this coming revolution failed because R soldiers could hide and scatter like modern day terrorists.  

Crain casually reports that these antics prompted the British to send troops to Boston who occupied the city for a year and a half. He has nothing to say about what happened when agitators attacked a group of British soldiers, who gunned down a half dozen of them. Though the soldiers acted in self-defense, as their attorney, John Adams, demonstrated at their trial, the “Boston Massacre” created a justifiable grievance against the Mother Country for resorting to an armed occupation, with its almost predictable results.

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